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I'm Wet Kisser, and if the imagery of that name disgusts you, you can just call me WK

There's some real cringe in my veins and brain, and I let it out in some ungodly ways, but for the sake of convenience I'm gonna throw some works I'm actually proud of​







that's all the warm welcomes for now. cringe burns inside me and it needs a proper vessel. :-0 yes, I'll still give non-cringe too​
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Empard and Pyranther live in arid badlands with hot temperatures. While they technically can function diurnally, they choose to sleep during the day in order to store energy for hunting at night. Their body temperature rises with the more sunlight they absorb, so cool nights help regulate them. Their dark fur is also convenient for stealthily hunting.

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Cryolope is a recluse pokemon that lives in deep frozen forest and frozen mountains. It is rarely ever seen by humans, and is even harder to catch and tame.
Because they are so dangerous and live in extreme climates, they rarely eat and are always hungry. It swiftly hunts anything that moves in its territory.

Based on Ants (Formicidae), specifically fire ants

This evolutionary family (except Formantom) lives underground in colonies that count in the millions, always led by one or more Formajesty. I can't tell if the new abilities are broken or not, but I'm not changing it either way


valiance and vigor
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I’ve been following the object series for a while in the art room, but I didn’t know you did fakemon! Sick art! I really like Pyranther :)

Grass Type starters based on spiders, detectives, and succulent plants :)

Budling is a spiderling with traits of Anansi, a trickster god of storytelling in Ashanti culture usually depicted as a spider. The bud hat is a kufi.

Spidome is a spiny orb weaver... and yes they actually do look like that .-. it's weird but cool. I picked that one as main inspiration because even though spiders don't have a cocoon stage, it still looks like one

Arakvera is a flower spider (aka crab spider) and a detective. :-0 the vera part of its name come from Echveria and Aloe Vera

Fire type starters based on raccoons, tanukis, thieves, and vigilantes

I originally intended to make them only raccoons, but fire type color schemes mostly made them resemble tanukis (aka raccoon dog) so no harm done :))

Kodonuki - kodomo (child) + tanuki

Doronuki - Dorobō (thief) + tanuki

Jikenuki - Jikei-dan (vigilante) + tanuki

It goes from an impressionable child to a criminal. After that, since it's been part of the underbelly of pokemon society, it knows how to catch wrongdoers you know :-0
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Water Type starters based on orcas and the Mafia

the biggest challenges for this one were

making a water type starter with a gun motif be entirely different from inteleon
making a dolphin look good while anthropomorphic because water starters have traditionally been semi-aquatic
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